Transportation Portfolio

Meeker Road Bridge Repairs

The three-span Meeker Road bridge crossing of Big Choconut Creek was severely damaged during a major flood in 2011 and had to be closed due to washout of a bridge approach and pier undermining.

Thorn Hill Creek Streambank & Adjacent Thorn Hill Roadway Repairs

Thorn Hill Road is a chip-seal road owned and maintained by the Town of Colesville, NY. Approximately 370 feet of roadway embankment was eroded away by high velocity and high flows in Thorn Hill Creek during the flooding of September 2011.

Penny Hollow Streambank and Box Culvert Wingwall Repairs

This project, located in the Town of Colesville, NY, involved the reconstruction of the wingwalls of a box culvert conveying Penny Hollow Creek under Penny Hollow Road and the adjoining streambed and streambank.

Hartz Road Upstream Slope Failure Reconstruction

This project was situated along Hartz Road, a gravel road owned and maintained by the Town of Colesville.

Intersections of Routes 30 and 30A/30 and 443 Highway Reconstruction

This project involved providing geometric, operational, and safety improvements that reduced vehicular conflicts and improved traffic flow at two intersections.

NYS 434 / Rano Boulevard / Sycamore Road Improvements

This project involves the reconstruction of a major urban intersection.