Transportation Portfolio

Tappan Road over East Branch Owego Creek Bridge Replacement

This project involved the replacement of a historic single-span pony truss bridge with a new multiple steel beam structure with integral abutments.

Main Street over the Chenango River Bridge Replacement

This project involved the replacement of a truss bridge in a historic district with a new two-span multi-girder structure.

Route 23 over Otego Creek Bridge Replacement

This project involved the completion of environmental studies, design and construction support services for the replacement of a deficient single-span bridge.

Lower Penny Hollow Road Streambank, Roadway, & Retaining Wall Reconstruction

This project involved repairs needed as a result of the June 2006 flood, which washed out a retaining wall and eroded away sections of the Penny Hollow Creek streambank, also severely damaging the adjacent roadway.

West Hill Road Bridge Scour Repairs

This project was undertaken to improve the hydraulic vulnerability of this three-span bridge across Big Choconut Creek

Main Street Slope Failure Reconstruction

Big Choconut Creek flows along Main Street in the Town of Vestal, NY. During the flood of September 2011, extreme flows in the creek caused excessive erosion which collapsed a section of embankment supporting Main Street.

Meeker Road Bridge Repairs

The three-span Meeker Road bridge crossing of Big Choconut Creek was severely damaged during a major flood in 2011 and had to be closed due to washout of a bridge approach and pier undermining.

Thorn Hill Creek Streambank & Adjacent Thorn Hill Roadway Repairs

Thorn Hill Road is a chip-seal road owned and maintained by the Town of Colesville, NY. Approximately 370 feet of roadway embankment was eroded away by high velocity and high flows in Thorn Hill Creek during the flooding of September 2011.

Penny Hollow Streambank and Box Culvert Wingwall Repairs

This project, located in the Town of Colesville, NY, involved the reconstruction of the wingwalls of a box culvert conveying Penny Hollow Creek under Penny Hollow Road and the adjoining streambed and streambank.