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About Specialty Precast Services

For precast concrete manufacturers, Delta Specialty Precast Concrete Engineers (DSPC Engineers) offers a seamless extension of your organization by providing comprehensive design, engineering, and consulting services. It’s one-stop shopping for all levels of project complexity. We’re guided by our core principles: aligning our priorities with those of our clients, developing our employees into leaders, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and making environmentally responsible choices.

Why choose us?

  • Quick turnaround
    For producers of precast concrete, responsiveness to client schedules is one of the most crucial ingredients for project success and repeat business. That’s why we aim to respond to your requests within 24 hours (and often less, during business hours). We have the expertise and staffing to handle the engineering portion of your project quickly, with no compromise of quality.
  • Proven quality
    We’ve earned our sterling reputation for quality by successfully completing more than 10,000 precast design projects since 1997. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ll be happy to provide you with dozens of client references.
  • Mastery of specifications
    In addition to your customer’s own project specifications, you have to address a confusing tangle of federal, state, local, and industry guidelines in order to meet requirements with the engineer of record. The depth of our experience in meeting those standards is impeccable. We also understand the specifics of your operation and always work to provide the best results for you and your clients.
  • Geographic reach
    We are licensed in 48 states and the District of Columbia. We are working on licenses for the remaining states and Canada.
  • Industry leadership
    We are a proud member of numerous professional associations and trade groups. By serving on key committees, we go above and beyond in our support of the precast industry. We are actively involved in creating and improving industry standards that make your products and standard practices better every day.
  • Proprietary software for estimating materials
    We developed and license our DP Vault  and DP Wall software package to expedite preliminary concrete vault designs and estimate the required materials. This software makes it possible for you develop useful estimates for simpler projects while maintaining engineering standards. The completed design is reviewed and sealed by a licensed engineer on our staff, and returned to you via email.

Precast design & drafting services

Our design services include shop drawings, project drawings, structural design, technical consulting, handling analyses, and quality control plans.

  • Box culverts
    We provide design and shop drawing services for box culvert runs, including three-sided and four-sided culverts, invert slabs, and foundations.
  • Utility vaults
    Each year, we provide hundreds of designs for square and rectangular utility vaults.
  • Walls
    We routinely design noise, debris, screen, and reflective wall panels, as well as posts and foundations.
  • Retaining walls & wingwalls
    We have experience with several proprietary retaining wall systems. We also design non-proprietary wall types, including gravity, cantilever, crib, and geogrid.
  • Arch bridges
    We provide analysis and design of precast arch structures using CANDE or RISA software.
  • Prestressed bridges
    We provide analysis, design, erection details, and shop tickets for box beams, voided slabs, and other prestressed elements.
  • Manholes
    We design round manholes for any loading to your diameter of choice.
  • Modular buildings
    We have extensive experience with precast modular building used for correctional facilities, storage buildings, and utility buildings.
  • Septic tanks
    We design septic tanks of all types and sizes.
  • Reinforced concrete pipe
    We provide direct and indirect analysis of reinforced concrete pipe.


For additional information on our Specialty Precast Services, please contact:
Daryl D. Burns, PE
Director of Specialty Precast Services
o: 607.231.6613
c: 607.242.8528