Maine Endwell Central School District

Delta has provided environmental consulting services for the Maine Endwell School District from 2008 through the present.

Colgate University Environmental Consulting Term Contracts

Delta has been retained under an Environmental Consulting Term Contract with Colgate University in Hamilton, NY from 2011 through the present.

Cornell University Environmental Consulting Term Contract

Delta earned and has been renewed annually for Environmental Consulting Term Contracts with Cornell University from 2008 through the present.

LeMoyne College Salt Springs Road Syracuse Laser Scan

Delta performed approximately 250 high definition laser scans (HDS) of the campus and surrounding property, preparation of Point Cloud and preparation of a High Definition Laser Scan fly-through video.

Carrier Dome 360 Degree Ribbon Display Layout

Delta performed a High Definition Laser Scan survey for the installation of a 360 Degree Ribbon Board Display signage to show ribbon-style video clips, animation, advertisements and real time scores and statistics.

Colgate University Sports Field Topographic Survey

In August of 2013, Delta, was contacted by Klepper, Hahn & Hyatt to perform a topographic survey of approximately 32+/- acres of the West Campus Sports Fields, as part of a “Master Plan” for Colgate University.

Cornell Merrill Sailing Center

The Merrill Sailing Center is a Cornell University facility used for athletic and physical education activities that is located on Cayuga Lake.

SUNY Broome Community College 310 Bed Dormitory Design Build

SUNY Broome Community College is now home to many students. For this project, Delta teamed with JMZ Architects and Planners, PC to design a 310 bedroom student housing project on the SUNY Broome Community College campus.

Binghamton University Dickinson Hall Upgrade and New Addition

In this project, Dickinson Hall on the campus of Binghamton University is being transformed from a student dining hall into a student services center designed to hold offices for the registrar, financial aid and admissions recruiting.