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Delta provides architectural, site/civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services for all phases of new and renovation projects for buildings of any size. Our services also include in-depth building code reviews, cost estimating, and construction administration. Across this comprehensive suite of engineering services, responsiveness and quality assurance is our focus. The technology we use is cutting edge and our team of professionals who use it are second to none. We use Deltek Vision and Newforma software for project programming, project management, budgeting, and construction management. We use Autodesk Revit, the industry benchmark in Building Information Modeling software, to develop virtual architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing models and 3-D renderings used for both design and construction. In all our work, we’re guided by Delta’s core principles: aligning our priorities with those of our clients, developing our employees into leaders, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and making environmentally responsible choices.

Why choose us?

  • Exceptional responsiveness
    We listen when our customers tell us this is one of the attributes that most sets us apart from our competitors. We accomplish it by committing to be proactive – asking probing questions, assessing the priorities of scope, schedule, and budget, and understanding the difference between urgent and important.
  • Ongoing commitment to quality
    We are proud to have earned ISO 9001:2015 certification, and go beyond that by making attention to process our guiding mantra.
  • Comfort with complexity and minimal change orders
    Our interlocking, comprehensive services cover all the bases, and we have the expertise to deal with all the complex details while maintaining a clear view of the big picture. This is reflected in a proven track record of projects with little to no change orders.
  • Superlative and seasoned staff
    Our senior team of technical and managerial staff has worked together with shared sense of purpose for more than a decade.
  • Industry leadership
    We are a proud, active member of numerous professional associations and trade groups.


For additional information on Delta’s Facilities Services, please contact:
Richard R. Sanguinito, PE, LEED AP
Vice President/Director of Facilities Services
o: 607.231.6605
c: 607.222.3509

Professional associations and trade groups