Specialty Precast Engineering Portfolio

New York State Orleans County Route 104 Arch Bridge

Delta teamed with Kistner Concrete Products, Inc. to provide the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) with new Arch PCC span units and the north end precast spandrel wall for New York State Route 104 in Orleans County.

Orange Grove Power Plant Sound Wall

This project involved design and shop drawing preparation for 24 foot and 48 foot tall precast sound wall enclosures located at the Orange Grove Power Plant in Pala, California.

City of Indianapolis Precast Concrete Pedestrian Promenade

This high visibility project was designed for the City of Indianapolis as part of the preparation for hosting Super Bowl XLVI in February 2012.

Caney Fork & Western Railroad Culvert Design

This project consisted of the design of a three barrel precast concrete culvert to carry railroad loadings over a stream in Coffee County, Tennessee.

South Abbott Road Bridge 28-3 over Neuman Creek

Delta teamed with Lakelands Concrete Products, Inc. to provide the Erie County Department of Public Works with a new bridge.

Precast Drainage Trench Containment System

This project provided the design for and handling of large precast concrete containment trench units. The precast units (45 feet long, 10 feet wide and 2 feet thick) weighed over 125,000 pounds...

Long Island, NY West Shore Road Stone Strong Retaining Wall

This project delivered a solution to this urgent problem for local residents by providing a rapidly deploy-able design approach that substituted precast concrete for a traditional poured approach.

Town of Manchester, VT Route 7A Precast Arch Bridge

This project presented a number of design challenges combined in the design of one 8 x 28 foot arch bridge. The design requirements included mating to an existing marble arch, contouring to following a change in stream direction to the desired outlet, and accommodation for an existing sanitary sewer outlet.

Corning, NY Centerway Arch Bridge Precast Bridge Fascia Panels

Delta provided the structural design and detailed shop drawings including panel dimensions, fluting layout bar schedules and lifter placement. The design for each of the 112 panels was unique and contingent on the adjacent panel.