Kirby Park Recreational Improvements and Wappasening Creek Stabilization

The project establishes a realistic framework for the sustainability and future construction of the park and Wappasening Creek stabilization from Preliminary Design through Construction Documents. A Public Meeting was held to allow community input concerning perceptions and potential concerns, as well as meetings with municipal, DEC and GOSR representatives to review the project scope. Both advisory committee and stakeholders were engaged to share design issues and solutions with local merchants and residents., with a site tour scheduled for committee members to further explain issues and discuss potential options.

Fluvial hazard mitigation alternatives were provided with the goal of reducing park damage from flood debris, along with ADA-compliant trails, signage and wayfinding elements, contributing to the overall image of the park and trail system.

The Design Report was prepared to adhere to the GOSR standard template. Coordination with GOSR and the Village of Nichols was necessary to assist with the permitting process and to satisfy federal, state and local requirements. A detailed estimate of construction costs was prepared for each major component of the preliminary and final design.

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