Ithaca College Peggy Ryan Williams Center Building Design and Construction Administration

Peggy Williams Center Entrance

This project involved the design and construction administration of the Ithaca College Peggy Ryan Williams Center (PRWC) Administration Building. The 60,000 square foot building incorporates office and programming space for admissions, registrar, financial aid, executive offices, provost, a forum area, and a three story atrium. As a sub-consultant on this project, Delta provided mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical systems; as well as security, card access, and fire alarm designs.

The client’s commitment to an environmentally-friendly building design allowed the team to utilize many innovative technologies for energy efficiency and resource re-use. A rainwater harvesting system gathers rainwater from the roof and pumps it to the urinals and water closets to significantly reduce annual potable water use by 87%. A geothermal heat pump system utilizes the earth as a heat sink or a heat source to warm and cool the system, allowing for a 34% energy savings over standard construction.

Dedicated outdoor air energy recovery units provide ventilation air to the building. The three-story atrium, with curtain wall windows shaded by the roof overhang, allows the utilization of daylight harvesting methods to conserve energy by automatically dimming the interior lighting when sufficient natural sunlight is available. The team also used natural convection technology to draw cool night air throughout the building to reduce the need for initial cooling of the building each morning.

This project began as an energy-efficient effort, and ended up as a carbon-neutral, sustainable building earning LEED Platinum certification.


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