The Gault BMW facility has a limited show room and currently has no expansion space. The facility currently consists of the show room, sales areas, merchandise area, and two wash bays.

The renovations of the facility are being designed according to BMW’s standard Design Intent Document (DID). This document outlines the requirements for renovations or new facilities.

Several significant enhancements and renovations are planned to improve the car buying, delivery, and service capabilities. There will be an addition to increase the show room to provide for future sales growth. The creation of the after sales pick-up areas, where customers will go to view their new vehicles prior to driving them out of the showroom. There will be a new addition for the service drive and wash bays. These areas are designed to provide the customer with prompt service.


The exterior of the building will be modified to conform with to the DID standards. A parapet will be part of the main roof system to provide screening for the roof top units. There will also be updates to the site which include new parking and directional modifications.

The color scheme will also follow the design document. Windows systems will incorporate a gray tinted insulated glass to provide performance inside while providing an aesthetic appeal to the exterior.

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