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The Merrill Sailing Center is a Cornell University facility used for athletic and physical education activities that is located on Cayuga Lake. The original water service provided by the City of Ithaca was insufficient to serve the single story sprinkler system and was transferred to the Bolton Point Municipal Water System. This service transfer required the University to provide a fire tank and fire pump for the structure, as well as removal of the existing fire storage tank and fire pump prior to connecting to the Bolton Point water main. For this project, Delta provide fire protection and plumbing design services for the removal of the existing fire pump and storage tank and connection to the new water service.

Delta requested a water flow test from a nearby hydrant using the Bolton Point water service which confirmed the available water flow and pressure.

Delta documented the existing sprinkler system within the facility and developed hydraulic calculations that documented that the fire pump was no longer required if water would be provided by the Bolton Point System. These calculations and determinations were submitted to the University.

Delta developed a site plan that documented the water piping connections and the removal of the fire tank and fire pump. Given the limited construction scope of the project, Cornell negotiated directly with a preselected contractor to complete this work.

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