City of Binghamton 2 Court Street Green Roof and Infrastructure

Based on an initial study prepared by Haas Landscape Architects (now Delta), this green roof installation at 2 Court Street in the City of Binghamton was the first commercially-scaled project of its type designed and constructed in the Southern Tier of New York. Green roofs provide substantial benefits in the areas of stormwater infrastructure, energy consumption reduction and urban heat-island effects. The existing roof was augmented with a 6,180 sq. ft. hybrid modular green roof system by LiveRoof®, with two system depths to ensure an immediate result. Modules were filled with Engineered Soil™, prevegetated with LiveRoof® plants and then placed over a drainage mat and waterproof membrane.

Factors such as plant hardiness, species competition, foliage characteristics, and fall color were all considered to create a complete plant palette for each module type. Modules were planted in combination to create beautiful overhead views and to add visual interest. Perimeter roof railings were modified for code compliance and to accommodate tenant access to the roofs. This green roof project was part of a larger building enhancement project that reduced glare into adjacent offices, mitigated heat loss, and had a cooling effect on the building interior. This project provided measurable economic benefits with over 90% building occupancy, cooling cost reductions, extended roof warranty and an improved tenant work environment.


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