Binghamton University Dickinson Hall Upgrade and New Addition

BU Dickinson Hall 1

In this project, Dickinson Hall on the campus of Binghamton University is being transformed from a student dining hall into a student services center designed to hold offices for the registrar, financial aid and admissions recruiting. The Dickinson Hall renovations will add approximately 18,000 square feet to the facility. The original structure was fully gutted down to the structural components and exterior envelope. For this project, Delta is providing structural, plumbing, fire protection, and environmental services.

Within the existing structure, a new stairwell from the first floor to the basement and a new three-stop elevator are being designed. The building addition design will include a cylindrical entrance fully clad in a window curtain wall, an interior court yard, skylights, and ample open space.

The design of the facility addition will accommodate all of these requirements with the use of conventional concrete foundations and steel framing. Structural stability will be achieved with the incorporation of masonry shear walls and steel moment frames.

The existing basement plumbing mains will be moved to a location in the building with concrete slab-on-grade in order to accommodate the design requirements of the supplementary support space in the basement and the elevator location. Restrooms will be fully refurbished with modern up-to-date fixtures and new plumbing. For fire protection, the building will be fully sprinklered.

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