Attica Correctional Facility is a maximum-security prison located in Wyoming County in western upstate New York. This project involved the redesign of the fire alarm systems for thirty-seven (37) buildings on the Attica campus. Delta’s scope of services on this project began with the initial system evaluation and program report and then proceeded to the design of a Facility Monitoring and Control Multiple System (FMCMS).

A Facility Monitoring and Control Multiplex System (FMCMS) was installed in the security console of the Administration Building to monitor all buildings from a central location. Each individual building was fitted with an FMCMS equipment cabinet to house the equipment that is used by the panels, annunciator panels, fire telephones, smoke detectors, heat detectors, alarm bells and duct detectors.

All initiating devices, notification devices, and signaling devices were evaluated and removed during the redesign to be replaced with updated, intelligent devices over the life of this project.

Among the buildings that Delta rehabilitated were five cell blocks, the Administration Building, auditorium, chapel, two metal shops, kitchen, laundry, gymnasium, as well as the infirmary and the mail room. Each building adheres to the latest edition of the New York State Building Code Institutional: Group I-3 criteria.

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