Delta Wins Multiple Mapping Awards at 2016 HxGN Conference

Delta’s Survey and Mapping group was recognized with three awards in the mapping competition held at the recent 2016 HxGN Live Conference held in Anaheim, CA. The conference is organized by Hexagon AB, a global provider of design, measurement, and visualization technologies. This year’s conference was held from June 12 through June 15 and was attended by more than 3,000 industry professionals.

Delta won two first place awards and one second place award for projects that provided baseline mapping for a historic restoration of a Catskills luxury resort, existing conditions data for the structural assessment of a municipal auditorium, and engineering data for the upgrade of a shredding motor that is the heart of a New York State recycling operation. All of the Delta projects featured creative uses of high definition laser scanning technology to quickly generate comprehensive field data sets that were used for analysis, mapping, and modeling of the facilities.

Delta has established itself as an industry leader in the collection, integration, and modeling of three dimensional data for the architectural and engineering industry. This powerful technology is radically changing the way traditional survey data is collected and used and has opened the door for innovative methods of modeling the three dimensional world.

First Place – Building/Heritage Category

First Place – Building/Construction Category

Second Place – Plant/Marine Category

Upstate Shredding Map